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300m far from Puerta del Sol

Gumerflat is located in the city centre of Madrid, this air-conditioned apartment is just 300m far from Puerta del Sol and really close to Fnac. Free wifi is available in the apartment.

La Latina.
Stay in the Heart of Madrid

Newly renovated, at the beginning of the sweep of La Latina, and 100 meters from the Plaza Mayor. Exterior apartment offering lots of light and beautiful views from your balcony.

Very close to the Plaza Mayor

The city centre of Madrid is a really great choice for travelers interested in enjoying the nightlife of this amazing city, eat tapas and go sightseeing.


Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España
Apartamento decorado con un estilo elegante y acogedor, muy tranquilo y luminoso, situado en la zona privilegiada del centro de Madrid, entre Sol y Gran Vía, una ubicación perfecta y el sitio ideal...


Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, España
Apartamento recién reformado, al inicio del barrido de La Latina, y a 100 metros de la Plaza Mayor. Apartamento exterior que oferece mucha luz y preciosas vistas desde su balcón. Te permite ir an...

All at your fingertips

The distances are shortened from GumerFlat Converse, for example, the Royal Theatre is 400m, only 6 minutes on foot.
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Gran Vía

¡Only 2 minutes away!
- 142m on foot -

Puerta del Sol

¡Only 4 minutes away!
- 286m on foot -

Connect with all Madrid

We have several metro stations near to go anywhere in Madrid.
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¡Only 2 minutes away!
- 140m on foot -


¡Only 3 minutes away!
- 240m on foot -

La Latina.
There are no distances.

Just 100 meters from the Plaza Mayor you will be surrounded by the most bohemian restaurants in the city.
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Calderon Theatre

¡Only 4 minutes away!
- 280m on foot -

Puerta del Sol

¡Only 7 minutes away!
- 500m on foot -
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